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I want to assist in inspiring and teaching the next generation of students to be their best selves in all aspects of life, whether that be through Music or assisting with their general schooling and home life. I believe that technology plays a massive role in all student learning and through including the use of different visual, practical and verbal teaching methods, all students can access their inner music/swimming/academic selves. Personally, I pride myself in knowledge and expanding said knowledge to not only help my own learning but to then pass that information down to my students to give them a well-rounded view on each topic. For example, I know how to play at least one instrument from each musical family and my main being a world-based instrument (Trinidadian Steel Pan), I can offer activities, views and insight into a world beyond the basic western world. Along with this I have had education in Jazz, Classical, Popular Music, RnB, Blues and World music and paired with the accessibility to applications like Logic Pro, Sibelius and other education-based technology I can help further expand and explore a student's interests.



I am currently studying Master of Teaching (Secondary Music Education) at the prestigious University of Sydney/Conservatorium of Music Sydney and will be a fully qualified teacher by 2023. I completed my Bachelor of Music at JMC Acadamy in 2021 with a 6.5/7 GPA where I was fortunate to study under industry-experienced lecturers and mentored under Phillip Scorgie (Bass Player and Arranger). I have also completed the following: AMEB Grades; 1-6 Musicianship, 1-3 Classical Guitar and 1-6 Singing for Leisure, AUSTSWIM; Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety, Access and Inclusion and Infants and have 3 years of teaching experience in both. Alongside this, I try to volunteer and help assist in running programs for the elderly community of Bundeena NSW where we gather local talent and organise a 2-hour show for them to enjoy :)

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I must say in my time at JMC I have never come across a student that has shown the passion and love for music that I have experienced with Breanne. Her work and study ethics along with her natural leadership are far beyond what I have experienced from students in the past and I would highly recommend Breanne :)

K.Bunguric (B.Mus.Ed), M.R.A (Head of Contemporary Music JMC Acadamy)

Phillip. Scorgie (Lecturer JMC Acadamy), Bass Player + Arranger, 40+ in Music Industry and NSW Conservatorium 

I have had the pleasure of mentoring and guiding Breanne through this process of learning to Arrange Music for specific instrumentation line-ups from the rhythm section to multiple Horn line-ups.. We started at the very beginning and she has progressed to a very knowledgeable standard continuing to grow in development by selecting certain songs to arrange in different In instrumentation. She has shown a remarkable ability to engage in the challenge of writing a Score, from the initial stage of transcribing the particular piece and writing it out by hand to imputing the score into a professional Score writing program. Watching her commitment and ability to learn and push forward to understand all the complexities of making a good arrangement for Musicians to play has been wonderful and I can say that it has been a pleasure watching and mentoring someone who is interested in learning. 


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